Oreco Chopped Lucerne Blend Hay Chaff

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Product Description

Oreco Lucerne Hay Chopped Blend is produced from the very best Lucerne and Cereal crops in Australia. This perfectly balanced blend is grown and processed with care for grazing and foraging animals including horses, cattle, sheep and other livestock.

Oreco Lucerne Hay Chopped Blend is not like any other hay product available on the market. We don’t rely on time, weather, third party farmers or luck to dry out our fibre crops. This product is harvested, precision dried, screened, compression baled and packaged ALL ON THE SAME DAY. This ensures maximum quality, nutrition and freshness, all year round.

The hay is chopped and harvested on the farm, then lifted directly into our transportable field bins. The bins of freshly cut hay are then transported to our factory, where the hay is dried through Australia’s biggest agricultural dryer. This dehydrating process rapidly and precisely reduces the moisture content to a specified and consistent level. The premium, heat treated hay is then blended, screened, compression baled and packaged, ready for animal consumption.


  • Precision dried

  • Racehorse & thoroughbred quality

  • Very palatable

  • Excellent source of protein, fibre & energy

  • Hygienically sealed

  • Heavily compressed

  • Sustainably sourced

  • Australian made, grown & owned

  • Easy & efficient storage

  • Long shelf Life

  • Value for money